1. Our photo engine is the perfect tool for automatically removing backgrounds from your uploaded images and systematically cropping your photos to produce optimized, high resolution, and consistent images.

2. User will be able to set specific parameters such as margins, crop ratio, image type, and image size. 

3. An additional feature is that users can choose to upload their products directly to their Shopify store.

Pricing Details

Free 7 Day Trial

- 3 Trial Images
- Batch Upload to Product Feature
- $2 Per Additional Image

Starter Plan

- $29 Billed Each Month
- $1.94 Per Image
- 15 HD Images Per Month

Premium Plan

- $49 Billed Each Month
- $1.63 Per Image
- 30 HD Images Per Month

Pro Plan

- $99 Billed Each Month
- $0.99 Per Image
- 100 HD Images Per Month